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UI Design

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Wireframes & Design

After we’ve carried out all of our user research, competitors analysis and started understanding users journey’s we move into the wireframe and design phase. This process begins with low fidelity wireframes, which generally involves lots of paper and sharpies. At this stage, we don’t get attached to our ideas. Once we’re happy with the direction that we’re moving in we then create these page layouts in Figma, our UI design tool.

Throughout this process we make sure to present ideas to our clients, collect feedback and to iterate on our designs until we get the perfect solution.

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When we present designs to our clients, we do this in the form of a clickable prototype. We create these prototypes with either InVision or Figma, depending on what we’re trying to achieve. Both of these tools have commenting features, meaning that clients can add feedback directly to designs which we can then action. In order to make these prototypes feel as realistic as possible, we add subtle animations, fixed headers and footers and hover effects to these prototypes.

Doing this really helps the client get a real sense of how the designs would feel after the build process.

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Pattern Libraries

We’re really passionate about creating products that are consistent. Not only does it make for better design, but it also makes it easier post-launch when new pages want to be added and existing pages tweaked. With a core set of reusable patterns, it makes this process quicker and easier for both design and development. We store all of these reusable patterns in something called a pattern library. A pattern library is a central place where all these styles live.

You’ll also find the basics like typography, colours and buttons in here as well. Having a pattern library for your project is really valuable, not just for us, but for you too!


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