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Design & Development

User Experience.

We always start by talking to current and potential customers, but we’ll also carry out SWOT analysis on your competitors, conduct opportunity analysis and help you put together a strategic plan to make sure you have the best chance of achieving your project goals.

  • User Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Journeys & Sitemaps
  • Information Architecture

User Interface Design.

With so much choice in how we interact with digital services and products, whether it be on a phone, a watch or in a shop with an interactive display, it’s more important than ever that people have a good experience whilst doing so during every encounter. That’s where we come in.

  • Wireframes & Design
  • Prototyping
  • Pattern Libraries
  • Accessibility

Laravel & PHP Development.

When we’re build cloud based web applications to develop or improve internal processes, automate time consuming tasks or create new SaaS (Software as a Service) products we choose to use one of the biggest PHP web application development frameworks available.

We use Laravel to harness its already rock-solid foundations to rapidly develop technically excellent enterprise-level software, products and web applications.

  • Software Development
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) Products
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVC)
  • API Development
  • Systems Integration

Mobile App Development.

It’s now possible to achieve near native mobile experiences with cross-platform mobile app development so it’s very unlikely that you ‘really’ need your app to be native in the first place. Cross-platform development is more accessible, affordable and easier to maintain than natively developed mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Our cross-platform mobile application development framework of choice is Ionic, we use it to help us build robust functional app experiences that rival natively developed apps.

  • Ionic Framework
  • Cross Platform Mobile Apps
  • iOS & Android

Website Development.

We design and develop high-performing websites that are easy to use, easy to manage, loved by search engines and most importantly deliver an exceptional website experience for your brand. We don’t use themes, everything we do is bespoke and designed specifically to help achieve defined business and organisational goals.

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems used on websites today, its extendability makes it possible for us to build custom plugins or functionality that otherwise wouldn’t be possible with website builders like Squarespace or Wix.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Front-end Development
  • WordPress (CMS)
  • WooCommerce (e-commerce)
  • SuperControl

Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We are AWS experts and can help architect cost effective, secure, compliant and scalable cloud infrastructure that grows with you.

Whether we’re helping you increase your website performance to help your ranking on Google or developing bespoke software as a service that needs to scale with demand, Amazon Web Services is our choice of service provider. Trusted by company’s like AirBnB, Slack, Lyft and more.

  • EC2 (Web Hosting)
  • S3 (Cloud Storage)
  • RDS (Scalable Database)
  • Route53 (Highly scalable DNS)
  • and lots more...


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