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Going around in circles unable to make forward thinking business decisions? Look no further, the Lightning Decision Jam is for you.

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Increase the pace of decision making and enable you and your team to innovate.

The Lightning Decision Jam takes a few of the core Design Sprint exercises that allows us to demonstrate concepts of working together but alone. Working in this ways leads to an increase in the pace of decision making, which results in helping you and your team innovate, faster.

Following these simple exercises helps you to identify what is holding you back and what is moving you forward. Voting on these outcomes helps us to create How Might We’s that lead to creating actionable solutions. We’ll then prioritise these solutions based on impact and effort to your business.

Who the Lightning Decision Jam for.

  • Startups
  • New Businesses
  • Existing Businesses
  • Software Companies
  • Marketing Teams
  • Tech Teams
  • Designers
  • Business Consultants
  • Charities

What you get from the LDJ.

  • Direction: Having key stakeholders in the room provides the opportunity for problems and solutions to be discussed openly, quickly and with real solutions.
  • Solutions: No more meetings going around in circles. You’ll have a long list of precise, actionable solutions that will drive your business forward, faster.
  • Value: The progress that we’ve made in 1 hour would take weeks or even months without this structured process. We provide value and gain trust to move our relationship with you forward.


Forward, Faster, Together.

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