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User Experience

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User Research

Every project of ours begins with a discovery workshop. Within this, we identify the different types of users a client has. After this workshop, we’ll put together a survey and arrange interviews with these users. Doing this helps us gain a deeper understanding of what clients users actually want, how they behave and feedback on current systems if they exist. This information is extremely valuable and impacts the rest of the design process heavily.

These findings are shared with the client as it may reveal insights that they didn’t know or expect to see.

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Competitor Analysis

With any project it’s important to identify competitors, because believe it or not, every company has them! During our discovery workshops that happen at the start of every project, we usually find out who these competitors are and get a brief insight into them. After the workshop, we’ll go and carry out our own competitor’s analysis. For us, it’s really important to identify any trends and anomalies between companies.

This helps us to gain a deeper understanding of the target market and how this could influence any design and build decisions. We always share our findings with our clients as it can give them valuable insights into their competitors too!

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User Journeys & Sitemaps

After carrying out user research and having gained a deeper insight into competitors, it’s important for us to start thinking about sitemaps and user journeys. Within our discovery workshop, we usually have a rough idea of what pages the website or app would include. However, this is never set in stone and we often find that after looking into competitors and carrying out user research that these things change and evolve.

Alongside this sitemap process we also begin thinking about the different user journeys that users could take when engaging and completing tasks within the software. Having a solid sitemap and set of user journeys helps us keep on track with the problems that we’re solving and what we’re trying to achieve.

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Information Architecture

Information Architecture is a crucial aspect of our design process. It helps us make sure that users are aware of where they are and what they’re looking for. It’s about making sure that everything is where it’s expected to be for users and that there are no surprises.


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